CyberArts upgrades universal gaming platform

Online gaming developer CyberArts is releasing a significant upgrade to its Foundation universal gaming platform. The improvements will mean expanded business intelligence reporting and game feature management.

CyberArts, which licenses software to companies such as the World Poker Tour and Mansion Poker, made the upgrades in response to their customer's needs.

"Business intelligence reporting is of key importance to the operators we've talked to," said CyberArts chairman Ken Arnold, adding that tracking player patterns and learning what retains customers allows gaming operators to figure out their return on investment. "Operators can determine what, when, what stakes, with whom and response rates for promotions."

The improvements to the Foundation platform will also allow operators to customize awards, skins, promotions, messaging and games without engineering support. This, Arnold said, will allow CyberArts customers to respond quickly and cost-effectively to research.

CyberArts CEO Chris Derossi said the new upgrades include administration tools designed to eliminate a programmer. The result, he said, is a system that is flexible and user-friendly and can be up and running quickly.

"Installation and configuration of the admin module takes about an hour," said Derossi.

Other new features also include a real-time dashboard, a multi-layer affiliate module, permission-based level access, logging of admin activities for audit purposes, as well as business and player level scales.

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