CryptoLogic unveils poker tournament leader board

CryptoLogic Inc. has created new poker tournament leader board software which was unveiled Oct. 21 as part of the Autumn Windfall promotion. The software provides licensees the opportunity to offer their players a chance to see how they rank among players from several sites.

"Our software now powers the world's largest shared poker network that excludes U.S. players," said Lewis Rose, CryptoLogic's president and CEO. "Innovations like the tournament leader board and Hold'em Blackjack, announced last week, meets the needs and desires of online players throughout the world."

The leader board also offers players a chance to win even more money. With the Autumn Windfall promotion, players have the opportunity to win more than $300,000 in money-added tournaments as well as leader board prizes.

The best player from the three daily online poker tournaments will collect the top leader board prize and the title of "King of Poker." The top 150 players on the leader board will also earn money.

"With only three daily tournaments contributing to the leader board, the Autumn Windfall promotion gives even casual players a real shot at winning," said A.J. Slivinski, managing director of WagerLogic, CryptoLogic's wholly-owned licensing subsidiary. "No other unified leader board software puts all poker players on such even footing."

The Autumn Windfall and future leader board promotions are available to players at William Hill Poker,, , and

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