CryptoLogic Inc. enhances Internet poker platform

Software developer CryptoLogic Inc. recently completed an upgrade to its poker platform designed to allow licensees to locate their shared online poker room in markets that offer the best growth opportunities as well as increasing the capacity of the rooms.

"Distributed Poker gives our group of poker customers the ability to select the most attractive markets for their shared room, both today and in the future. This is a critical advantage as operators prepare for regulation of the U.K. market and as new opportunities present themselves around the world," said Lewis Rose, CryptoLogic Inc. president and CEO.

Not only will sites be able to seamlessly locate their poker room in markets with the best opportunity for them without interruption to games or players, the rooms will now have a capacity of more than 50,000 simultaneous online players. This upgrade allows for near-perfect network uptime, and will enable live updates of new features and games without any interruption to the room.

"CryptoLogic is one of the top five revenue-generating poker rooms on the Internet thanks to consistent game innovation and network enhancements like Distributed Poker," said Michael Starzynski, CryptoLogic Inc. chief technology officer. "This new platform infrastructure improves the gaming experience for players and licensees through market-leading flexibility, scalability and resilience."

WagerLogic Ltd., subsidiary of CryptoLogic Inc., is responsible for licensing the company's poker room software. Some of the WagerLogic Ltd.'s licensees include, William Hill Poker,, and .

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