Cricketer Mascarenhas Looks for Poker Success Down Under

Dimitri Mascarenhas
Dimitri Mascarenhas

He doesn’t quite have the status of Shane Warne in Australia but English Cricketer Dimitri Mascarenhas is looking to write his own story at the 2013 Aussie Millions.

Mascarenhas, who currently plays for Kings XI Punjab in the India Premier League, was given the chance to enter the $10,000 buy-in Aussie Millions Main Event by 888poker and Warne.

“It’s been great,” he said. “I love this tournament. I mean I flew back from Bangladesh just to play this event.”

The 35 year old has had a prolific cricket career that includes setting the record for most runs for England in an over in a One Day International with 30 against India in 2007.

It was during his cricket career that Mascarenhas developed a knack for playing cards.

“I’ve always loved poker,” he said. “I got into it while traveling for cricket. Just playing with the boys on the bus. We crack out the chips and have a bit of fun.”

Poker a Favorite Pastime of Cricket Players

Shane Warne
Shane Warne

Mascarenhas went on to say that poker is a natural fit for cricketers in their off time.

“We travel on a bus everywhere we go so we get plenty of time,” he said. “Obviously playing in England there’s a lot of rain so that means there’s even more time for poker.”

Mascarenhas has already played the Aussie Millions three out of the last four years and has also played several tournaments in England. He came in second in Party Poker Sports Challenge II but he’s still looking for his first major score.

“I’ve been playing for a fair while but I’m trying to get a little more serious about it,” he said. “You never know, we’ll see what happens.”

Close friends with Shane Warne, Mascarenhas mentioned he’s played a ton of poker against the retired Australian cricketer.

When asked who the better poker player was, however, Mascarenhas was diplomatic.

“I’d better say him,” he laughed.

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