CrazyZachary gets wild at FTOPS V finale

Paul Wasicka
Paul Wasicka hosted the FTOPS V Main Event.

The FTOPS V Main Event was one of the largest online tournaments ever held and although pros like Paul Sexton, Jon "PearlJammer" Turner, Steve Brecher and host Paul Wasicka made an attempt at first place it was CrazyZachary who stole all the glory.

With a total of 4,578 entrants the FTOPS V Main Event paid out an astounding 648 places for a total prize pool of $2.2 million. There were several great stories on the last day of FTOPS V including Event 13 winner csimmsux who made a serious run at the final table but was eliminated 14th. MFjimmyLOWRY and kiwid10 probably got the best value out of the tournament as both players qualified through a satellite, MFjimmyLOWRY for just $4.40 and kiwid10 for $26. Both players took home thousands.

When the tournament got down to the final table the blinds were set at $50K/$100K with the chip counts as follows:

chardrian $4,676,442
pokerskibum $3,482,821
Clayton_27 $3,415,982
CrazyZachary $3,074,534
MFjimmyLOWRY $2,100,594
rppkoz $1,977,090
jbaggs $1,630,992
kiwid10 $1,393,214
chubbawubba $1,138,331

Chip leader chardrian was in the best shape to run the table but action slowed right down as soon as the final table was reached. With that much money on the line no one wanted to bust early.

Finally, after nearly one level of play with all nine players chubbawubba decided to shove with A-10 against rppkoz' Q-10. It looked like chubbawubba might double up but a queen hit on the turn and it was all over for the chubster.

kiwid10 was the next player to get into trouble. After losing several important hands kiwid10 pushed with K-10 and was mightily disappointed when Clayton_27 called and flipped over pocket jacks. Kiwid10 failed to improve and promptly finished eighth.

After that it was rppkoz's turn to play the short stack. rppkoz played well and stole numerous blinds with a meager stack. Unfortunately rppkoz could not escape a bad beat. rppkoz pushed all-in pre-flop with bullets but CrazyZachary called with pocket queens and upgraded to a set when a queen fell on the turn. Thanks for playing, rppkoz.

jbaggs was the next to go when he took a chance on pocket jacks and lost out when MFjimmyLOWRY called with pocket queens. jbaggs was forced to pack his bags and promptly leave the table.

pokerskibum had entered play as one of the large stacks and it was now time to make a move. pokerskibum made the mistake of trying to steal blinds with 10-8 and got caught by Clayton_27 who held A-10. It was back to the mountains for pokerskibum.

MFjimmyLOWRY was getting aggressive and pushed with 9-8 sensing weakness from CrazyZachary. Unfortunately the read wasn't quite accurate as CrazyZachary showed A-K. Two kings came on the flop and it was game over for MFjimmyLOWRY. Still, turning $4.40 into $121,000 is no small feat.

It was chardrian, CrazyZachary and Clayton_27 in three-handed play. chardrian was the chip leader with $9.9 million but after losing two important hands he was suddenly the short stack. That didn't stop his aggressive nature, however. chardrian pushed all-in with A-9 and Clayton_27 called with A-J. The A-J held and chardrian had to settle for third.

Heads-up play began with Clayton_27 holding a chip lead of $13 million to CrazyZachary's $9.8 million. CrazyZachary was brilliant in heads-up play however and whittled Clayton_27's stack down to $4.4 million.

Clayton_27 eventually pushed with A-9 but as it happened CrazyZachary had a couple of ladies in his pocket. There was a queen on the flop and it was all over for Clayton_27. Despite a noble effort Clayton_27 had to settle for second.

It was a thrilling finish to a fantastic series of poker. CrazyZachary wins the FTOPS V Main Event, a gold avatar and $395,905 in cash. Not bad for a day's work.

It also appears that bmqball will be receiving his own custom avatar from Full Tilt Poker as the player sits atop the FTOPS V leaderboards with 335 points.

The complete final table results of the FTOPS V Main Event are as follows:

Place Player Prize
1. CrazyZachary $395,905
2. Clayton_27 $240,345
3. chardrian $155,652
4. MFjimmyLOWRY $121,317
5. pokerskibum $91,560
6. jbaggs $68,670
7. rppkoz $52,647
8. kiwid10 $40,057
9. chubbawubba $29,757

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