CrazyMarco pockets $25k at Bodog Poker

The Money

The crowd seems to be a little thin of its top regulars at Bodog Poker, but that made it a little easier for CrazyMarco to take down the $100k Guaranteed tournament at the poker site Sunday.

CrazyMarco, known in the offline world as Marco Johnson, pocketed $25,000 for his win in a field of 810 entrants.

He entered he final table second in chips on Sunday, and personally sent many of the others at the final table to the rail to build his stack. Then it came down to him versus Corey "Ozone23" Albertson for heads-up play.

It was a short heads-up session, though, lasting only three hands, with Johnson coming out the victor.

Perhaps he'll take his winnings and head to Las Vegas for the World Series of Poker to join the many Bodog Poker regulars who are there playing already.

Some of the poker sites players such as UFPokerStar, nevertilt22, head2782, FPPoker4 and papdelpoker, who top tournament and tournament leaderboards quite regularly, have been playing live and hard to find on the poker site as of late.

Check out's Live Tournament Section to see if you can spot them at the WSOP or any of the other events going on in Vegas right now.

To get in on the online poker fun, visit Bodog Poker.

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