Crazy high-stakes action at Full Tilt Poker

Full Tilt Poker is the place to go if you want to watch high-stakes poker action online. Big time players like Mike Matusow, David Benyamine, Gus Hansen, and Phil Ivey regularly clash and play $100,000 pots at the Full Tilt tables.

"OMGClayAiken" and "magicpitch1" are two of the most active high rollers at Full Tilt Poker. In the past 24 hours alone, they have played several spectacular $100,000+ pots against each other.

In one hand, they were the only two players at a $200/$400 No-Limit Texas Hold'em table. OMGClayAiken raised to $1,200 from the small blind, and magicpitch1 called.

The flop came 9d-Ts-5s. magicpitch1 check-raised OMGClayAiken's $1,600 bet to $7,200, and OMGClayAiken called.

The turn was the 4d. magicpitch1 bet $16,800 and OMGClayAiken called once again.

The river was the Ks. magicpitch1 bet $48,000 to put his opponent all-in. OMGClayaiken immediately called.

magicpitch1 showed Kh-Tc for top two pair. OMGClayAiken, however, flipped over As-Js for an ace high flush and scooped the $134,385.50 pot.

magicpitch1 got his revenge a few hours later when he and OMGClayAiken were sitting at a $200/$400 No-Limit Texas Hold'em table with four other players, including Mike Matusow.

OMGClayAiken raised to $1,400 from under the gun. magicpitch1 and a player with the nickname "Genius28" called.

The flop came 2h-7h-5d. Genius28 and OMGClayAiken both checked, and magicpitch1 bet $4,000. Genius28 raised to $13,200, and OMGClayAiken moved all-in for $56,214. magicpitch1 called, and Genius28 folded.

OMGClayAiken showed Ah-Ts for the nut flush draw, but magicpitch1 was in the lead with Qs-Qh.

The turn was the Td, and the river was the Kc. magicpitch1's pocket queens held up, and he won the $130,224.20.

These are just two examples of the crazy high-stakes action that goes on at Full Tilt Poker on a daily basis. If you'd like to watch the games live, all you have to do is download the Full Tilt Poker software and click on "observe".

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