Coren: 'Most fun with group of men since '76'

David Ulliott

Vicky Coren calls it the most fun she's had in a room with a group of men since the summer of 1976. Tony G. and Roland De Wolfe both call it one of the best events they've ever played. The event in question:'s Premier League Poker, and it starts its run on Channel 4 in the U.K. tonight.

Set to air for 15 weeks starting tonight at 11:50 p.m. (GMT), the show features 12 of the world's best players, including Andy Black, Kiril Gerasimov, Roland De Wolfe, Coren and Juha Helppi, all playing for $500,000 in a unique league format.

Each player bought-in for $20,000, with adding $260,000. After each player played six times, the leading four players advanced to the final table and the bottom four were relegated.

Players in fifth-eighth place then squared off in heads-up matches for the remaining two seats at the final table.

The results? You'll have to tune in to see (or check the related links below), with the early returns from the pros indicating it's not one to be missed.

Says Hellmuth: "Premier League Poker featured a fantastic format filled with skill, twists and turns, great players and made for electric television."

Says Ulliott: "This is a totally different concept and will make great television, it's like a poker Big Brother. It sets a new bar for televised poker."

Adds Black: "It was excellent. The only thing more interesting to watch on television would be Vicky Coren grappling with a black panther with no claws."


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