Continued overlay for Bodog's $100K tourney

For a second week running, only 756 players entered the $100,000 Sunday guaranteed at Bodog Poker. The online poker site as a result had to put up $24,400 to match the guarantee.

In this case, the overlay was around 32%, meaning that every player in the tournament was worth $132 instead of their $100 buy-in.

Player kice won the tournament after defeating MrPVol heads-up. MrPVol was in the lead when heads-up play began, but kice took command when his pocket kings held up all the way against MrPVol's A-Q.

MrPVol was dealt pocket kings a few minutes later, but this time "The Cowboys" weren't enough. The players moved all-in when the board showed 7-6-6-7, and to MrPVol's despair his opponent flipped over 7-6 for a full house.

No king came on the river and MrPVol had to settle for second place and $14,300 in prize money, while the champion kice got $25,000 for his efforts.

Results from Bodog Poker's $100,000 guaranteed:

1stkice $25,000
2nd MrPVol $14,300
3rd jermdawg $9,200
4th warpig40 $6,900
5th Flopaholic $5,500
6th BIRDMAN101 $4,500
7th _TheFinisher_ $3,500
8th ebisumaru $2,500
9th TonyAKQJ $1,600

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