Congressman Connects Online Poker and US Jobs

Rep. Michael Grimm sees economic potential in the regulation of online poker.

US Congressman Michael Grimm released a statement Monday that, among other things, draws a clear line between regulated online poker in the US and new jobs for Americans.

In the release Rep. Grimm (R-NY) lauds the new non-profit group FairPlayUSA and emphasizes that bringing back online poker in the US is among the legislative goals he hopes to accomplish while in Congress.

“Together we must fight for the return of quality, good paying jobs to the United States and a strong regulatory framework for legal online poker will contribute to that goal,” said Grimm in the statement.

“I am confident FairPlayUSA will be successful by aligning with former Governor and Secretary of Homeland Security, Tom Ridge, to help expand the coalition’s membership and that their efforts will compliment my legislative goal of regulating online poker,” he continued.

“With many adult online poker players in my District of Staten Island and Brooklyn, I support their right to continue playing; however, I agree that it must be in a law-abiding forum that provides protections for America’s consumers and children,” he said.

With the national debt at an all-time high, regulating online poker could do more than just create jobs for Americans; it will also provide increased tax and licensing revenues for the American government.

A study published in January of 2011 by the Blue Sky Consulting Group and the Center for Strategic Economic Research estimated that California alone could look forward to $1.01 billion in revenue over the next ten years by legalizing and regulating online poker in that state.

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