Compensation claims building against U.S.

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Claims are starting to mount against the United States due to its online gambling stance. The Washington Post reported today that Japan and India have also filed requests with the World Trade Organization seeking compensation from the nation.

No dollar amount has been set by Japan and India in their claims yet, and they are expected to ask for commitments from the United States to open other areas of their markets to them as compensation.

That would be similar to what the European Union said it would probably seek when they filed their claim earlier this week.

The claims add support to Antigua and Barbuda which originated the case against the United States with the WTO because the U.S. online gambling laws go against trade regulations set out by the organization.

The WTO has ruled in favor of Antigua and Barbuda and recently ruled again that the U.S. still hadn't come into compliance on the issue.

In response, the U.S. is going to go through the process of changing its agreements to specifically exclude online gambling, but first it will have to answer these claims against it.

However, U.S. trade officials may be trying to find a way around that as well.

The International Trade Daily quoted Deputy U.S. Trade Representative John Veroneau as saying compensation "is typically sought when a commitment a WTO member relied upon is withdrawn."

"To the extent people sought a commitment in the first place, [they] would be compensated," he continued. "But this is not the case here. There is no negotiating history suggesting that the United States intended to make a commitment in this area."

Meanwhile, Antigua and Barbuda has thrown its own $3.4 billion claim out there against the United States and announced its intentions of seeking trade sanctions as compensation.

It plans to suspend its obligations regarding patents, trademarks, copyrights and industrial designs belonging to U.S. companies.

Officials from the island nation are also encouraging other nations to apply for compensation in the case.

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