Company warns of nude casino e-mail spam

Sophos, an information technology company focused on protecting against spyware, viruses, and spam, reported that some online casinos are using nudity via e-mail spam to lure in customers.

E-mail users may receive an email that reads something similar to "current importance online nuude casinoo!" with a link following. The link takes the person to a gambling Web site where a video plays about the site's live nude dealers for card games and encourages people to register.

Sophos doesn't name any specific site using this tactic, but the company's senior technology consultant, Graham Cluley, warns, "Whatever you think of these tactics, the gambling Web sites are in danger of breaking the law by sending unsolicited spam like this. Companies and home users need to protect themselves from the nuisance of junk mail, and boycott those businesses who are supporting it."

There is potential for legal action against Web sites using spam with questionable content. In Michigan legal action is being taken against two companies accused of sending spam e-mails about gambling and alcohol to children.

Under Michigan's Child Protection Registry Act, companies must check the registry to remove children's e-mail addresses before sending out messages advertising goods and services that children can't legally buy including alcohol, tobacco, gambling, and pornography.

The state alleges that the companies sent out e-mails to children on the registry with the intention of enticing them to visit gambling Web sites and promote alcoholic beverages.

Sophos has updated its e-mail spam filters to detect the nude casino spam, and warns computer users to be on alert for them as well.

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