Pokermatic, Inc. takes action against PokerTek

Pokermatic, Inc., the maker of "Lightning Poker" has filed an action in a Philadelphia federal court alleging that PokerTek, the maker of "PokerPro," has violated antitrust laws and engaged in various acts of unfair competition, civil conspiracy, trade slander and defamation to Lightning Poker's customers.

The company alleges that PokerTek has been lying to customers and potential customers by telling them that the sale or use of the Lightning Poker dealerless electronic poker table infringes on PokerTek's design patent or pending published patent applications. Both companies make a dealerless poker table that's meant to increase play and reduce costs for casinos and cardrooms.

Pokermatic, Inc. is seeking damages, attorneys fees, an injunction against further acts of antitrust and civil conspiracy, and a declaration that Lighting Poker doesn't infringe on a design patent owned by PokerTek.

"We merely seek the right to compete fairly in the marketplace free from untrue comments to our customers that leads them to believe that the purchase or use of our product will result in some type of patent litigation," said Brian Haveson, Lightning Poker chairman. "We believe our innovative Lightning Poker product and strong intellectual property portfolio will enable us to gain a preeminent position in the marketplace."

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