Company seeks to market condoms through poker

Mayer Labs hired CDA Strategies to create a TV commercial that would both introduce and reinforce the company's Kimono brand name and make its condoms the 'condom of choice' amongst sophisticated condom buyers, namely women and men aged 21 to 40.

The result is a national cable television commercial that promotes safe sex and positive sexual health by using a poker game as its setting. The company has revealed that poker was chosen because of its current popularity and entertainment value. In addition, it is considered to be "fun, tense and exciting ... just like sexual relationships."

The commercial features a young and sophisticated poker playing woman in a heads-up battle against an opponent with a big stack. Immediately after she bets her last chip, her male opponent raises her a chip; she reaches into her bag and pulls out a Kimono condom, throwing it into the pot only to see her opponent push his massive stack "all-in". This is followed by a new screen displaying a few packs of condoms and the phrase "When the Stakes are High".

The commercial has been on the air in Canada since August and will make its debut on select networks and cities throughout the United States beginning on October 7th.

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