Commerce Casinos opens poker tables for ads

When you're playing poker, sometimes all there is to do is sit and stare at the table. Bacara Media and Entertainment has joined with the Commerce Casino to take advantage of that with advertisements on poker tables.

"The green felt of poker tables is prime real estate," said Chris Maroe, Bacara Media president and CEO. "From now on, when a high roller puts his or her cards on the table, there'll be a stunning, four-color advertisement right under them."

Maroe considers the poker table ads the next step in leveraging the explosive popularity of casino poker.

The Commerce Casino also has lots of table space to offer for advertising. With more than 240 card tables, it is the largest poker venue in the world.

The casino also draws in millions of poker players and viewers alike with its L.A. Poker Classic and the California State Poker Championship.

"Given the Commerce's prominence in the poker world, many of its games and tournaments are televised," said Maroe. "On top of the eight high-rollers staring at our ads at any one table, advertisers will reap the benefits of national TV exposure."

Considerable demand for the advertising space is expected once the entire program is up and running. According to Bacara Media, some big name companies have already shown interest.

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