Colorado poker game runs again

About two dozen poker players arrested in last spring’s raid of Guadala Jarra's restaurant in Palmer Lake, Colorado, reconvened on Tuesday night to resume their weekly Hold'em games, it was revealed by The twenty-two players were arrested at gun point on April 26, 2005, while participating in a series of weekly poker matches at Guadala Jarra's.

The raid was organized by the Palmer Lake Police Chief, Dale Smith, without the knowledge of the District Attorney's Office. Smith proceeded with the poker bust after conducting an undercover investigation where police officers posed as poker players at Guadala Jarra's.

Subsequent to the raid, the District Attorney's Office suggested that if the accused donated $50 to charity the charges laid against them would be dropped. While 19 of the 22 players agreed to the terms, Diane DeKeyser and Trish and Ed Flake refused them on the grounds they committed no crime.

As reported by in January of this year, the charges of illegal gambling were dismissed against the Flakes and DeKeyser after police failed to make a case against them.

The March 21 game was not hosted at Guadala Jarra's in Palmer Lake but rather at a bar owned by the mayor of the neighboring town of Monument.

Please see Charges Dismissed In Colorado Poker Case Amid Confusion for details on January’s raid of Guadala Jarra’s.

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