Colman Beats Jungleman for EPT Grand Final Super High Roller Title

daniel colman 2
Dan Colman

It took 12 hours and a couple of surprising twists before US player Daniel Colman lifted up his first international title and the €1.5m prize this weekend.

An exciting final day of the €100,000 Re-entry Super High Roller Event at the PokerStars and Monte-Carlo® Casino European Poker Tour Grand Final led to Colman outlasting famed online superstar Dan "Jungleman12" Cates for the win.

The final table had a strong line-up with eight experienced players all trying to win the only €100,000 buy-in event on European soil this year. Chip counts before the final table:

  • 1. Rono Lo (Macau), 4,558,000
  • 2. Ole Schemion (Germany), 2,818,000
  • 3. Dan Cates (USA), 2,341,000
  • 4. Paul Phua (Malaysia), 1,785,000
  • 5. Daniel Colman (USA), 1,398,000
  • 6. Richard Yong (Hongkong), 1,301,000
  • 7. Olivier Busquet (USA), 1,083,000
  • 8. Igor Kurganov (RUS/GER), 261,000

Kurganov Rises, Schemion Busts

Igor Kurganov
Impressive turnaround for Kurganov falls short.

The first stage of the tournament was mainly characterized by the amazing comeback of Igor Kurganov.

The Russian-German player started with only 11 big blinds but soon doubled up three times to get back into the middle of the pack.

Then wunderkind Ole Schemion suffered an unexpected bustout. Having begun the day second in chips it had looked like the German was poised for another big win but this time it wasn’t to be.

After Olivier Busquet was crippled by a lost coin flip and went out soon after it was Schemion who busted in seventh place.

Having lost a couple of pots beforehand he seemed to look a little frustrated and then made the wrong call with pocket nines against the all-in of Daniel Colman.

The Chinese Wall Crumbles

At this point Yong, Lo and Phua had not made any major mistakes so far and looked like they could go all the way, but then came their downfalls one by one.

Colman called Phua’s push with A-J, and the Malaysian held a meagre 8-7. Then Kurganov held with A-J when former chipleader Lo pushed with K-9.

Finally, the last of the three Macau regulars in Yong had to leave his chair when he made an ill-timed bluff on a board 7-3-5 with K-J. Colman held a pair of fives and snap-called.

The three remaining players took a while before they agreed on a deal that left them all with a seven-digit win that left €350,000 for the eventual winner.

Duel of the Daniels

After Kurganov went out in third place it became clear that this title would go to the motherland of poker.

Cates and Colman battled for another hour or so - with the chip lead switching between both players - before they finally got all the chips in the middle.

Cates pushed with Q-T while Colman found K-6s and hesitantly made the call. No help came for Cates on the board and Colman had won the duel of the Daniels.

daniel cates 3
Not first, but Jungleman will take the seven digits.

The official final results and payouts:

  • 1. Daniel Colman, €1.534.000*
  • 2. Daniel Cates, €1.283.000*
  • 3. Igor Kurganov, €1.128.000*
  • 4. Richard Yong, €637.600
  • 5. Rono Lo, €493.340
  • 6. Paul Phua, €385.000
  • 7. Ole Schemion, €307.000
  • 8. Olivier Busquet, €241.000

Watch the live stream from the EPT Grand Final main event everyday right here on PokerListings.

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