Cole South Takes Dwan for $251k

Tom Dwan

The struggle continues for Tom “durrrr” Dwan after getting stepped on for $251k by CardRunners pro Cole South Monday night.

Dwan's first session of the day was a brief 21-hand stint at $200/$400 Cap Pot-Limit Omaha where he won $19,682.

After a five hour break, he returned to the tables to play South heads up at $200/$400 PLO. The match lasted 224 hands with the largest pot coming in at $172,184.

But despite losing the seven largest pots of the session, Dwan managed to keep his losses to only $251k.

This single session would be the only cards South would play on the night. Adding the $251k to his totals for the year now brings South back up to over $3.1 million.

A surprise to most, Dwan has struggled to turn any profit for 2010, currently sitting down around $580k on the year.

His inability to turn a profit seems to have little to do with hand volume as Dwan sits just 300 hands shy of 60,000, making him the fourth most active high-stakes player on Full Tilt so far this year.

After his session with South went south, durrrr went on to play 503 hands of $200/$400 Cap-PLO against Gus Hansen, Brian Townsend and Phil "OMGClayAiken" Galfond, losing another $155k.

Fortunately, he managed to make $353,195 playing 7-Game, subsidizing the majority of his losses.

Gus Hansen continues to win at the tables posting a $182k win from 7-Game, and another $85k from Cap-PLO to add $268,205 to his roll.

Since his 30-day suspension last year, Brian Townsend has been on a heavy downswing losing another $224k at 7-Game last night to push his losses on the year over $1 million.

Below are the three largest pots between South and Dwan. To see more hands from the night, head to MarketPulse.


South spikes with one to go.



Dwan needs to grab some of this run good.



Dwan might have been two-outed here.

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