Cole South loses big pot to luckexpress10

Big stacks are good

Dec. 22 in the world of online high-stakes poker produced a nice little back-and-forth heads-up No-Limit Texas Hold'em session between luckexpress10 and Cole South.

We don't know much about luckexpress10 other than the fact that he or she is considered a Redfish on the MarketPulse player report, which means he or she plays too many pots and is too passive post-flop. You'll find out momentarily why Cole South might disagree with our assessment.

Cole South, on the other hand, is hyperaggressive, and is one of the best-known online young guns in poker. He's an instructor at CardRunners along with other renowned young pros such as David "raptor" Benefield and Brian Hastings.

His reported bankroll is over $2 million and he appears on Season 5 of Poker After Dark.

During the short-handed session on Dec. 22 the players swapped wads of cash like they were sixth graders trading hockey cards. Plenty of the pots predictably went to Cole South; however, it was luckexpress10 who came out on top of the biggest.

On this little number luckexpress10 and his queens-up pocketed $190k of South's hard-earned instructional dollars:

Click 'Play' to watch the hand play out, or read the history below.

Table Setup

Cole South: Seat 1 - Stack size: $95,000. luckexpress10: Seat 6 - Stack size: $105,000. Cole South posts small blind of $500. luckexpress10 posts big blind of $1,000.


Cole South raises $2,500. luckexpress10 calls $2,000.

Flop [7 6 2]

luckexpress10 checks. Cole South checks.

Turn 7 6 2 [Q]

luckexpress10 bets $6,000. Cole South raises $21,000. luckexpress10 raises $43,000. Cole South raises $71,000. luckexpress10 calls $43,000. Cole South shows Q A. luckexpress10 shows Q 2.

River 7 6 2 Q [3]

Although that whopper - the biggest of the day in online poker play - went against him, South managed to secure the MarketPulse to see if this was just a brief return to poker play or if he'll be back in the game hard despite his commitment to taking the rest of the year off.


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