El Blondie wins U.K. Open Event 2

David Colclough
Dave "El Blondie" Colcough

After a fifth-place finish in Event 1, Dave Colclough made the final table again in Event 2 of the National Poker League U.K. Open, this time turning it into a first-place finish.

The £500 buy-in No-Limit Hold'em event brought out 29 players to the Loose Cannon Club in London, creating a total prize pool of £14,500. After the first day of play, David "El Blondie" Colclough had lasted to get into another final table.

This time he was second in the chip count and perhaps a little more determined after his fifth-place finish in the first event.

Jason De Freitas looked to be his main competition as he went into the final table with the chip lead. Behind him and Colclough were Paul Ephremsen, Hugh Mallally, Stuart Nash and Albert Sapiano.

Sapiano was the short stack and didn't survive very long once final-table play began. Six hands in, he and Nash crossed paths with Nash coming out the victor.

Sapiona had raised to $3,100 with pocket nines and Nash came over the top, moving all-in with ace-king suited. Sapiano called, and the board came A-6-3-4-Q, pairing up Nash's ace and giving him the win.

It took another hour and a half before the next elimination. Nash, who'd come to the final table second-to-last in chips, couldn't hang on to the chips he'd gained from busting Sapiano, heading out in fifth place.

He saw his pocket eights come up against Colclough's king-queen offsuit. After a flop of A-J-7, Nash was still on top, but the turn brought a king and river a queen to give Colclough two pair.

Fourth place went to Mallally as he got all his chips in with ace-king only to come up against De Freitas' pocket rockets. The aces held up on a flop that did nothing to improve either player and Mallally hit the rail while De Freitas reclaimed the chip lead.

Colclough closed the chip gap to 500 in chips when he eliminated Ephremsen. Ephremsen went all-in with pocket fives, and Colclough called with A-7. It wasn't looking good for Colclough as the flop and turn brought him nothing, but then the magic ace fell on the river to give him the pot.

With the players virtually even going into heads-up play, it was a tough battle, taking 122 hands to determine a winner.

It came down to De Freitas open-shoving with A-7, and Colclough calling with K-8. The Flop came J-7-4, pairing up De Freitas. His lead was short lived, though, as the turn paired up Colclough's king and the river brought him another king. Trip kings earned him the event champion crown.

Final-table results were as follows:

  1. Dave Colclough, £5,600
  2. Jason De Freitas, £3,500
  3. Paul Ephremsen, £2,200
  4. Hugh Mallally, £1,500
  5. Stuart Nash, £940
  6. Albert Sapiano, £760

Stay tuned to PokerListings.com as the U.K. Open events 3 and 4 results become available. The satellites for the main event start today, and Friday will bring the start of the £2,500 main event itself.

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