Club Titan simplifies rewards

Empire Casino, London

Club Titan, Titan Poker's just-launched rewards program, may be the first such incentive system to offer substantial perks to all levels of players.

Not just for the elite online rounder, it features a variety of benefits for every skill level.

"Club Titan's reward system is simple and easily understood and rewards are available to all poker players, both first time players and big time enthusiasts who regard poker as a career choice," said Titan Poker in a press release.

According to Titan Poker's Web site, there are no reward tiers as on other sites; rather, everyone earns player points at the same rate, depending on the rake in a particular hand. Tournament players earn a flat rate of 17 points for every $1 in tournament fees.

In addition, players can earn a loyalty bonus. By reaching specific milestones in points earned per month, players rack up a bonus as a percentage of their player point total. If they maintain that point rate over multiple months, they earn an even higher percentage.


What do these points get you? At the moment, points can be turned into cash and tournament tokens. 2,000 points gets you $10 in cash, on up to $120,000 for 7 million points.

Titan Poker also promises a full merchandise storefront soon, for those who would rather play for toys than money.

"Poker players will easily see the benefits available to them at Club Titan, which increase in magnitude the more they play," Titan Poker said.

"Players can potentially earn tens of thousands of dollars if they dedicate themselves to regular game play."

Titan's upcoming Million Dollar Race promotion will work in tandem with Club Titan. Million Dollar Race tracks players in cash-game play and awards them prizes based on both their standing and their ranking in specific spots on a cash-game leaderboard. Titan Poker will ultimately give away a total of $1 million to players during this promotion.

To learn more about Club Titan and all the site's specific promotions for PokerListings players, check out Titan Poker.


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