ckingusc reigns supreme in Sunday Million

Big stacks are good
ckingusc got his chips in good once again in the Sunday Million.

Carter "ckingusc" King proved this week his 2008 World Championship of Online Poker main event win wasn't a fluke.

He defeated a 7,906-player field in the PokerStars Sunday Million to pick up a six-figure cash prize.

The playing field was massive as usual, but players thinned out quickly as they jostled for position to make it into the top 1,170 who would get paid from the $1,581,200 prize pool.

"I got a ton of chips early, and it was pretty much a smooth ride the whole way," King said. "On the bubble, I won a huge coin flip with nines versus A-K to take the chip lead. That was really the key hand of the tournament for me."

When play was finally down to nine, ckingusc was sitting with 14,669,864 in chips - just behind bbs99 who had the chip lead with 16,753,871.

"Nerves can play a part when you start getting close to the final table, but I had a lot of chips on the bubble and going into the final table, so I wasn't really scared of busting out," King said.

"Even going into the final table I had chips the whole time so I could play really strong."

When play was three-handed, King didn't even entertain the idea of a chop, and when it got down to heads-up, he was sitting with 48,778,949 in chips to *xen's 30,281,051.

The two battled back and forth with *xen even taking the chip lead for quite some time. King mounted a comeback, though, and retook the lead.

The tournament came down to *xen finally pushing all-in preflop with pocket nines. As luck would have it, King woke up with pocket jacks. When the board came 2 7 K 8 J, King had the win.

"It feels great. Taking it down unchopped felt really good," King said.

The final-table results were:

Place Name Prize
1st ckingusc $193,697
2nd *xen $130,607.12
3rd bbs99 $88,547.20
4th reef2287 $71,944.60
5th Liqqa $56,132,60
6th 1GENERAL_TAO $40,320.60
7th bigsexyKN $27,671
8th Rabbiej $18,183.80
9th tpreston $11,068.40

"I'm just going to take the next couple days off and enjoy it," King said.

From the sounds of it, those days of R&R have already begun, as King talked to PokerListings via phone interview from his pontoon boat out on a lake in South Carolina.

With files from Martin Derbyshire.

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