chumley takes $12,000 package in PL freeroll

Prize money

With five kids, three grandkids and a 40-50 hour a week poker habit, free time is at a premium for "chumley." But the 41-year-old salesman from Redditch, U.K., is squeezing in a "working" holiday at the 2007 World Series of Poker, now that he's scored a $12,000 prize package in a and GNUF freeroll.

A poker player for about three years, chumley signed up at GNUF through a link just a short time ago, jumping at the chance to play in the high-value $15,000 WSOP freerolls and quickly earning the 50 points needed to qualify.

The first was held May 20, and chumley was greeted with a pleasant surprise on registration, finding a small field waiting and good cards early on, allowing him to take control right away.

"The biggest thing I suppose was how few people registered for it. I was truly amazed," he told in a post-tourney interview.

"I quickly took a nice lead early on, taking out one player and just about doubling up. It helped control the game to my own preference."

It wasn't entirely smooth sailing, however.

"It was a little worrying when down to 3/4 of us my chips slowly disappeared when others hit their hands. So from being a substantial leader, something like a 3-1 chip lead, I was down in third place I remember.

"Final hand after getting to the heads-up, the other player raised. I called with K-8, flop came all low with myself hitting top pair 8s. I bet and the other guy goes over the top of me all-in.

"I think, 'did he have a pair already with the raise pre-flop?' Then I just thought heads-up I can't fold after flopping top pair, so I called to see he had A-7, and I was somewhat relieved to see his ace miss on the turn and river."

The spoils from that miss: A $12,000 prize package, a seat in poker's biggest game, the WSOP Main Event, and a chance for a quick "busman's holiday" for him and his partner.

"I am looking forward to it, but I play soooo many hours I can't help but look at it a little like a busman's holiday.

"We've also never managed to get to Vegas before. It was next on the list though, as she wanted to see Celine this year before her contract ends at Harrah's"

Pleased with both the Prima network and GNUF, with plans to "always try and play their exclusive tournaments," chumley also added this about

"I think it must be one of if not the best sites for exclusive games with some great prize pools."

Two more PokerListings and GNUF $15,000 freerolls are still to come: The first goes today at 2:00 p.m. (EDT), and the next the following Sunday, June 3, also at 2:00 p.m. (EDT).

Requirement is just 50 points, with the freerolls open to all players signed up at GNUF through a PL link. Qualifying deadline is two days before the tournament.

For all the details, visit or the PokerListings GNUF review page here

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