Christie Firm on $1b Estimate for First Year of NJ Online Gambling

Chris Christie
Analysts say Christie's hopes for New Jersey's onling gambling earnings are unrealistic.

With over 51,000 online gambling accounts created in New Jersey since November 21 Governor Chris Christie still believes the new industry will create $1 billion in revenue by this time next year.

Christie has written into the state budget an anticipated $160 million in tax revenues and said in a recent press conference that he's sticking to his original revenue predictions.

Industry analysts, however, tell a different story and estimate that New Jersey's first year of Internet gambling will generate $300 million.

So far six casinos have been granted licenses to offer online gambling to New Jersey residents and the response in the first few weeks has been strong.

Over 5,000 new accounts were created on Thanksgiving Day alone.

The additional revenue provided by online gambling in New Jersey, whether $300 million or $1 billion, will be well-received by an Atlantic City casino industry that's seen earnings drop from $5.2 billion in 2006 to just over $3 billion last year.

Borgata to Crown Poker Millionaire on Super Bowl Eve

In December new site will hold New Jersey's first major online poker tournament series which will conclude live at the Borgata Winter Poker Open on February 1, the day before Super Bowl Sunday.

Players can get started with a $20 signup bonus and 100% match on first deposits up to $600. will be guaranteeing $30,000 in daily tournaments Monday through Saturday with a $50,000 guaranteed event Sundays with a buy-in of $200. It will be New Jersey's biggest online tournament so far.

And if you already play at the Borgata Casino, you can earn the same loyalty reward points by playing at their online poker room.


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