Cheating at Hold'em DVD now available

A 90-minute, instructional poker DVD aimed at assisting players in gaining knowledge on Texas Hold'em cheaters has been released, it was recently announced. The aptly named educational DVD, Cheating at Hold’em (The Essentials), illustrates and explains how recreational, semi-professional, and professional poker players can take simple measures to protect themselves (and their bankrolls) from being scammed.

Developed by Double George, LLC, the DVD is designed to explain how poker scams work, how to detect them, and how to avoid them. Each facet of a scam is exposed, discussed, and illustrated in detail, and most precautions recommended are easy to implement and learn.

Topics covered include how to shuffle, cut and deal a fair game; how to deal with onlookers; and how to detect marked cards, sleight of hand maneuvers, and various gambling devices. Other topics featured are peeking, flashing, second dealing, marked cards (block out work, scroll work, crimping, and nail nicking), check copping, splash moves, psychology of a card cheat, and protection tips.

"Easy to implement procedural changes go a long way to make your game safe, fair, and fun for everyone," advised David Malek, chairman of Double George, LLC. "Some scams are so deceptive, subtle, and quick, that knowledge becomes your only protection. When money is involved, game protection must be your top priority."

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