Charities say New Hampshire poker law is a bad deal

A new state law in New Hampshire that regulates games of chance is getting a lot of flack from charitable organizations. The law is primarily aimed at Texas Hold'em poker and makes getting permission to host a charity tournament much more difficult.

To host an event, the new law requires organizations to fill out an almost 20-page application for a license. All members of the organization, including those who volunteer at the charity event or who are just there to serve food and drinks, will need to have a criminal background check done and submit two passport-style photos.

The license will allow the charity to host games of chance 10 days per year, but also requires them to pay the state $25 per night for those games, adding up to $250 for all 10 days. Previously, it was a one-time charge of $25 to the local police departments.

On top of that the law also regulates what percentage of the gambling must go to the charity and how they handle their own finances. Charities will have to establish a separate checking account solely for the purpose of a gambling event to take care of expenses.

After the prizes have been paid at an event, 35% of the gross profits must go to the sponsoring charity under the new law. While the government is trying to make sure as much money as possible is going to the charity, it could hurt some organizations who resort to hiring professional gaming consultants to stage their events.

Many of the organizations that attended a hearing to learn about the new law were upset with the changes claiming that the changes and the new process were going to be too much of a hassle for most small organizations, who would then have to take other less profitable avenues to raise money.

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