Champ Chorny Seeks Return to EPT Glory

Glen Chorny
It's been a tough two years for Season 4 EPT Grand Final champ Glen Chorny.

Canadian Glen Chorny was on top of the poker world in the spring of 2008, having just won the Season 4 edition of the PokerStars European Poker Tour Grand Final in Monte Carlo.

Then 22, Chorny said he felt like a rock star and was confident the $3,196,354 he'd won was just the first of many big scores to come.

Now two years later, outside of a final table appearance at the $5k Caesars Palace Classic last year, he's done almost nothing but get it in good and find a way to lose.

"It's really hard to win," he said. "I had no idea how hard it was to win before I won the tournament here.

"Since then it's been pretty much a two year tournament drought for me, except for a $5k, which I could really care less about."

Always a confident player, Chorny has done his best to limit the toll all the vicious beats of two years on the major tournament circuit can take.

But it has been hard.

"I'm really confident still, it just pisses me off like crazy," he said.  "Bad beat, beat beat, bad beat. It's like how many times can you get it in with a set against a gutshot, where the guy has no business in the pot, and they snap you off?

"How many times can you lose with the best of it? I mean, it has definitely got me down a little bit. But I'm trying not to let it affect my play. I just try to move on."

Returning to the scene of his biggest triumph for this week's Season 6 PokerStars EPT Grand Final, Chorny is now hoping he can find the mojo it appears he left here two years ago.

"I think maybe more than anything you feel like you are lucky in a place," he said. "I feel like this is a place where it doesn't matter how my luck has been anywhere else. I might be able to do something here."

The problem is, when he came here last year as the returning champ, he felt the same way.

"I felt crazy good last year coming back here, but day one I lost twice with pocket aces and I was gone," he said.

But regardless, the Timmins, Ontario native says he takes solace in the fact he keeps getting it in good, results be damned.

"I'm doing the right things," he said. "I'm still getting in with the best hand and playing aggressively. I'm doing my part."

The EPT Grand Final continues through Apr. 30. For comprehensive coverage live from Monte Carlo tune in to PokerListings' Live Updates and News.

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