Challenge PokerSnowie Bot 1-on-1, Get Instant Hand Analysis


Want a shortcut to finding the costliest leaks in your poker game?

The makers of PokerSnowie - the world's foremost Texas Hold'em Game Theory Optimal AI - have introduced a new wrinkle to its PokerCoach training program to help you do exactly that.

The new "PokerSnowie Challenge" feature lets you take on the optimized "PokerSnowie Brain" head-to-head. At the end of the match you'll get an immediate assessment that tells you exactly where you played sub-optimally and what you can do to fix it.

With up to 10 “brains” across two tables available to play for even more hands to analyze, it's the fastest, most direct way to cut out the worst leaks in your Hold'em game and begin playing optimal poker.

Snowie Brain Profits €1,074,276 in 150,000 Hands

Launched as a feature in December the first week of data from the user challenges proved just how much the PokerSnowie can exploit the holes in your game.

Hundreds of challengers stepped up in the first offering and over 150,000+ hands the PokerSnowie brain had a decided edge.

Dan Cates
High-stakes crusher Dan Cates is a PokerSnowie believer.

If the games had been for real money, the Snowie brain would be up €1,074,276 – or 16.98 bb/100.

Challenge Feature Just One Perk of PokerCoach

The "Challenge PokerSnowie" feature is just the latest addition to the PokerCoach software tool. Already offered in the monthly subscription are great features including:

  • Hand History Analysis - Detailed gameplay stats plus optimal game theory advice
  • Pinpoints Errors - Identifies specific errors and shows exactly where to strengthen your game
  • Measurable Ways to Improve - Ranks your play by tools like error rate and equity loss
  • Situational Analysis - GTO advice on a move-by-move basis

Now being able to challenge PokerSnowie itself you can improve your skill set even more by matching wits with a near perfect player and learning how it plays.

A free 10-day trial of PokerCoach including the Challenge feature is available via PokerListings right here.

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