Chainsaw massacre at Foxwoods

Allen Kessler
Even at 75:1, Allen Kessler doesn't like his chances.

The Chainsaw may not think he's a good bet, but with ten players left at Foxwoods his odds of claiming his first WPT title are on the rise.

A railside prop bet booked on Day 2 gave Allen Kessler 75:1 odds to win the Foxwoods Poker Classic with 70 players remaining.

Upon learning of the bet midway through Day 4, Kessler had his answer.

"Who took me at 75:1 to win this thing?" he said. "That's not a good bet even now, with 14 players left. I wouldn't take those odds."

After four days of play in Connecticut, the Chainsaw finds himself with 394,000 heading into the tournament's penultimate day, good for seventh-place overall.

Ahead of him are WPT veterans Amnon Filippi and Lee Markholt, with 1.248 million and 1.18 million respectively. Chipleader Lenny Cortellino has 1.52 million.

But Kessler, who final-tabled this event in 2007, has something none of his rivals can claim: coaching from Mike Matusow.

Hanging tough with 320k at the conclusion of the day's second level, Kessler received a text message from The Mouth providing unsolicited strategic advice.

From Mike to Allen!
Write that down.

The text read as follows:

"I get active start using lot pots any one who rsypir blind I shove it pretend u got aces"

The advice must have worked, as Kessler was able to use it to scrape together another 74k, outlast two more opponents and land himself a seat at Tuesday's ten-handed final table.

Ironically, one of those late eliminations was Team PokerStars Pro pro Barry Greenstein, who had dealt Kessler a savage burn on Day 3.

After Kessler asked the floormen about the provisions being made for TV final table seating assignments, Greenstein broke in.

"The only players who need to know where they'll be sitting are the six at the final table," the WPT quoted Greenstein as saying. "Your seat will be in the third row."

The Bear earned $40,209 for his twelfth-place finish. By surviving into Day 5, Kessler has a shot at anywhere from $46,315 to the $731,079 first prize.

If he busts out tenth, however, he'll earn the same $40k as Greenstein.

Play down from 17 to 10 took barely four hours on Day 4, with Greenstein and David Williams the most notable eliminations.

Williams was eliminated in fifteenth after being crippled by Kessler, whose pocket jacks stood up to the Bodog pro's A-10 in what the Chainsaw claimed was a rarity.

"My pairs never hold up against single overcards," he said.

Greenstein, meanwhile, succumbed after his A-Q failed to win a race against Cortellino's pocket jacks.

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Action will resume tomorrow at noon Eastern and continue until only six players remain. The PokerListings Live Tournaments team has all of the details.

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