Celebrities to face off early in PartyPoker.com European Open

PartyPoker.com is hosting its third annual European Open Dec. 4-11 at Maidstone Studios in Kent. This year the event will start with a celebrity table featuring Teddy Sheringham and Danielle Lloyd.

Danielle Lloyd, formerly a Miss Great Britain before having the title taken from her, will provide some of the initial celebrity entertainment as she takes on her boyfriend, United footballer Teddy Sheringham, at the same poker table.

Initally the organizers were leery of putting the two at the same table after the controversy surrounding her losing her title because he had been a judge in the contest. Lloyd was set on facing Sheringham at the felt though.

"I'll forget my Teddy when I get to the poker table," she said. "I play to win."

A PartyPoker.com spokesman said a referee will be on hand at all times to ensure nothing takes place, "no loving and knowing glances over the table," that could be considered misconduct.

"The real tension could come from the battle of the babes however, as the new presenter of poker on Five is Roxanne Siordia, Maxim's current girl of the year in the U.S.," the spokesman said. "Danielle is used to being the biggest draw wherever she goes, but it is going to be a close run thing this time."

Other famous faces confirmed to be taking part in the tournament are snooker legend Steve Davis, Ibiza warhorse Brandon Block, DJ Spoony and "Layer Cake" actor Jamie Foreman.

Last year's winner was Ian Frazer, who will return to defend his title and vie for the top prize of $125,000.

The tournament will be filmed by Matchroom Sport and will air on Five in the United Kingdom early in 2007.

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