CelebPoker wins Business Britain award

CelebPoker.com was recently given The Award for the Leading Online Gaming Company of 2005/2006 by Business Britain. The national magazine, which covers a range of topics relevant in today’s business climate from information technology to human resources, chose the site based on several criteria.

According to Business Britain, CelebPoker.com has seen growth in the last six months in traffic and players towards the upwards of 600 percent and is the most realistic, vastly growing and ambitious poker room online. When its tables opened in April of 2004, the poker world was introduced to a celebrity-based, interactive poker room where they could play games with stars they would never have the opportunity to mingle with anywhere else.

The magazine found that creating value to the player is what separates good poker rooms from great ones and CelebPoker.com provides the most realistic poker experience you can have online. CelebPoker.com was recently awarded “Best Communication” to players by Top Pair Magazine April 2006.

Another quality that led to them receiving the award includes CelebPoker.com’s reputation and brand recognition. Being seen as the premier global celebrity poker room, CelebPoker.com was asked to deal the cards backstage at the World Music Awards show in Los Angeles in August teaching new celebrity players how Internet poker works, as well as sharing stories of poker exhilaration with current A-List celebrity players.

When the American Music Awards show took place in Los Angeles in late November, CelebPoker.com was asked yet again to come draw the cards with Hollywood’s elite.

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