CelebPoker introduces new feature with software upgrades

CelebPoker has released an upgraded version of their software with new features that will look and feel more like a real card room as well as allow players to keep track of the competition and winning hands in a whole new way.

One new feature is "Player Notes" which allows players to keep notes on their competition. Each player at a table will have a pen icon above them that can be clicked and opened revealing something that looks like a notepad where notes can be made on that player. Then if that player ends up at your table again, you can look and see what you observed about them previously.

Another added feature speeds up the process for players to get to a table they want to be at. New filter buttons are now visible that make it more convenient for players to select the tables and tournaments they're interested in.

Continuing with the convenience and ease of use theme, as additional information, the total amount in the pot is presented on the table. The amount includes the amount in the main pot as well as the sum of all currently placed bets on the table. These figures will allow players to gain a better sense of the wagering action and provide them with a resource to more accurately make raises.

The new software also makes it easier to figure out how a person lost a hand. Normally when a winner is declared, the results flash by so fast that other players are left having to search to see what the winning hand was. Now, they results will be high-lighted, making the search easier, and the number of hands kept in the hand history is increased to 1,000.

Game play isn't the only thing being made easier. The new software also makes it easier to access the cashier. Now the online cashier center can be opened by clicking on the chip tray on the poker table.

On the technical front, a major improvement deals with connectivity. CelebPoker's software system will now try to reconnect players to the gaming system instead of restarting their poker clients, allowing players to be inserted back into the game and table they were a part of prior to a disconnection.

The new software upgrades are now live and in place for players.

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