CBS Sports to broadcast ProJo tournaments

CBS Sports recently signed a deal with free online poker site that will allow the network to air select land-based ProJo tournaments.

CBS Sports is slated to broadcast eight out of the twenty-six regional ProJo Poker tournaments, including four specials and the final championships, which will be held in Las Vegas. The four specials include the ProJo Christmas Poker Classic, the U.S. National Team Poker Championships, the U.S. National Amateur Poker Championship, and the U.S. Grand Nationals Professional Poker Championship.

ProJo Poker was 'designed by recreational poker players as the ultimate poker destination for other recreational poker players,' and prides itself on the competitive gaming environment it has created for 'average poker Joes.' Not surprisingly then, the tournament series will be accessible to recreational players almost exclusively, denying ranked pro players entry to compete in the early phases of tournament play. Indeed, professional players are only permitted to play once the tournament has been narrowed down to four 'average poker Joes,' who will then battle against four pros at the final table.

ProJo Poker and CBS have also teamed up to provide CBS Sports viewers with an opportunity to play poker at CBS's 'poker arena.' The arena is scheduled to make its debut in August, 2005, and will provide players with tournament information, tutorials and free poker games.

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