Casino cheat warns of widescale corruption in Internet poker

Legendary casino cheat Richard Marcus recently issued a public statement warning Internet gaming sites are far more susceptible to fraud than land-based venues.

Marcus claims the boom in online gaming offers a plethora of opportunities for players interested in ripping opponents off without the threat of showing their face, despite assurances and security measures implemented by Internet poker room and casino management. The old time scam artist insists he is aware of systems operating online that are evading detection and making serious cash. He further stated "Within a short amount of time we are going to see about one in a hundred people playing honestly. The rest will be using bots, or it will be computers playing against computers."

Online poker giant PartyPoker was quick to refute such claims when asked by, though other Internet poker sites remained silent on the controversial statement. PartyPoker assured its clients that security and technology measures in place at the poker site work around the clock to detect cheaters and monitor suspicious activity, seizing funds and closing accounts when culprits are found.

A top criminal in his day, Marcus and a small team of casino cheats ripped off gambling venues across the globe during Marcus' 25 year rule, reportedly amassing over $5 million. Marcus currently writes books based on his life experiences.

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