Casino Alleges Ivey Detected Flaws During $12m Win

Phil Ivey

Crockfords Casino is alleging that Phil Ivey figured out a way to gain an edge during his $12.1 million run while playing table game Punto Banco.

Last week Ivey filed a lawsuit against the Casino, which has yet to pay out Ivey’s $12.1 million win.

The Daily Mail reported this weekend the exact method that the Casino is alleging Ivey used to tip the odds in his favor.

According to the article, there were tiny imperfections in the cards, possibly due to a printing error and Ivey was able to use the marks to predict the outcome of the game.

The aim of Punto Banco is to hold cards with a count of nine or closest to nine. Tens, face cards and multiples of ten count as zero.

According to the Daily Mail report, Ivey frequently requested the banker rotate the cards, allegedly so he could make out the pattern.

The massive game occurred last August with Ivey accompanied by an unidentified Chinese woman.

Ivey insisted he did nothing illegal in the lawsuit against Crockfords and maintains he had no choice but to pursue legal action.

Arguably the best poker player in the world, Ivey has over $17 million in live-tournament winnings and nine WSOP bracelets.

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Michael 2013-05-13 10:14:43

Technically he's right, he did nothing illegal. It's not "illegal" to count cards or gain any sort of edge in a casino, it's more frowned upon than anything else and many old school casinos would take the gambler to the back and beat them to an inch of their lives, but they could never just call the cops and say that the player had to be arrested for doing something illegal because, quite frankly unless he provided the deck that was used and some how got it passed, he didn't do anything illegal.

With that said, I'm not saying he's not guilty of the advantage. That's how good gamblers win consistently they find an edge. To think that someone like Ivey wouldn't notice the imperfections and use that to his advantage is ludicrous. That's like saying that because he has a tell on a player at the table that he's not going to use that to his advantage. I'd bet money that he did notice the imperfections and used that to his advantage, but as I said above, that's not illegal.

It's also the casino's responsibility to ensure that their cards are correct and matching. Casinos are very protective over the cards they use at their establishments and their supposed to be custom made to a point where a gambler couldn't just sneak in with their own cards and add to them. So in this case, it's the casino's fault that their cards had the imperfections, that's not Ivey's fault.

In the end this will end up going in his favor. The casino will be forced to pay out because legally he has a right to the money and any potential negligence that led to the massive win falls on the shoulders of the casino to correct and not Ivey.