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Online Casino Reports is dedicated to bringing you all the best when it comes to casino gaming. This week we feature an in-depth look at the games Caribbean stud poker and how it´s played. We´ll also reveal some valuable strategies for winning at Caribbean stud poker when you play at your favorite online casino. Caribbean stud poker is just one out of many great variations of poker you can play at good quality online casinos. If you are interested in learning more about Caribbean stud poker and picking up a few winning strategies then read on.

Caribbean stud poker is a variation of poker and as the name suggests it comes from the Caribbean islands. It´s a very popular game that can be found at the numerous casinos and cruise ships in the Caribbean islands. The game shares many similarities with standard table poker. As for the strategy, one of the best rules to play by is to raise on Ace-King-Jack-8-3 or better, and surrender otherwise. That is known as the beacon hand and it is the lowest break even hand in the game. One thing about playing Caribbean poker at the online casino that you must realize is that the dealer has to qualify in order for you to make the payoff. Unfortunately this doesn´t happen too often in Caribbean Poker. The advantage to playing Caribbean poker is it does offer a great payoff, which is why people take their chances and play despite the slim odds of winning.

There are two phases of betting in Caribbean Poker. In the first phase, you ante in, before the dealer deals the cards. After the dealer deals cards to you and itself, and reveals one of its cards, you either place a "call" bet or surrender.

Payoff gets interesting, when the dealer qualifies and you get even money for your ante and your "call" pays out as follows:

A far as the odds go for Caribbean poker, the house has a 5.2% edge over you and most of the time the dealer will only qualifies 56% of the time. This means that 46% of the time you'll only get paid for your ante bet. This makes Caribbean poker a tough game to win at the online casino.

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