Carbon Poker bad beat jackpot tops $1 million

The Spoils of War

Carbon Poker announced it is just days away from breaking the record for biggest-ever bad beat jackpot online. The online poker site's Bad Beat Jackpot just recently broke the seven-figure mark and continues to grow.

According to Carbon Poker, the $1 million-plus jackpot has drawn an increase in action to the Carbon Poker tables and the Merge Gaming Network.

"The listed Bad Beat tables, which range from $.50/$1 to $5/$10 at the high end, are constantly full around the clock," said Jay Manning, a Carbon Poker spokesman. "Players have been flocking to play at Carbon Poker as we are offering the lowest qualifying hand as well as the largest prize pool at any card room ever, this is an industry first."

Carbon Poker first introduced the Bad Beat Jackpot on its site in mid 2008. It's reached such a tremendous size because it hasn't paid out since its introduction.


The Bad Beat Jackpot is seeded by 50¢ from every pot on all listed Bad Beat tables. It pays out when a hand of quad sevens or better is busted. According to Carbon Poker, this is currently the lowest qualifying hand for a bad beat in the online poker industry.

Carbon Poker has plenty more to offer its poker players as well. The poker site has an SnG Leaderboard and an MTT Leaderboard that offer top-placing players a shot at prizes.

There's also the Luckbox promotion, which offers a chance at free cash to players in real-money ring games, tournaments or sit-and-gos. Players at those types of games earn comp points, and once they reach one of the set increments for the promotion, they'll be presented with the three Poker Boxes of Luck.

Each of the boxes holds a varying amount of free cash, so the player is going to get some bonus cash no matter which box he picks.

The amount of cash in the boxes increases with the comp point levels, and in total there is more than $6,000 that can be won if you reach all the comp point levels and pick the correct boxes.

Carbon Poker is also going to be improving its site in the near future. The online poker site is planning to launch the 4.5 version of its gaming platform next month.

The new software features an advanced mini mode and table customizer. The release coincides with the launch of the new VIP program, incorporating a new online store, at the site.

"It's a very exciting time at Carbon Poker," Manning said. "A lot is happening, the players love it, and they are tuning in to what we are doing."

If you'd like to tune in and start playing as well, head to Carbon Poker.


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