Canuck wins EPT seat from PokerStars,

The Spoils of War

Europe is known for its history, its art, its architecture and, if you ask us, it's got some pretty darn good poker too. Skyler Dyck will get to experience some of that poker after winning a European Poker Tour prize package from and PokerStars.

Dyck, from Fort Qu'Appelle, Saskatchewan, Canada, has been playing poker for four years and currently is a full-time low-stakes poker player. Appropriately, he got his start in poker playing in freerolls, and now another freeroll has given him his big break into a major live tournament.

"My friends showed me how you can freeroll and get real money, and that intrigued me," Dyck said when asked what got him interested in playing poker, "and I tried to start a bankroll."

Now the 20-year-old plays between four and 14 hours of poker a day, but mostly sticks to low-stakes sit-and-gos and multi-table tournaments. He said he hasn't had a big enough bankroll yet to play at his skill level.

Most of his poker hours are spent at PokerStars, where Dyck said he plays on a daily basis.

"PokerStars is definitely my favorite online poker site to play on," he said. "I enjoy being able to play in pretty much any tournament I want at any time so easily, unlike other sites where you have to wait up to an hour just for a nine-person sit-and-go."

His dedication to the site, plus having signed up through, paid off for the young player when he qualified to play in an EPT freeroll, giving him a shot at a $15,000 prize package.

It wasn't going to be an easy win either, as 860 players all logged in to take a shot at it. The odds were long, but Dyck made it to the top of the heap.

"It's a dream. I felt like it was fate," Dyck said. "I was in the top five from 200 people in and had a couple of lucky hands four-handed, and the next thing I know, I'm heads-up for the package with a 5-1 chip lead."

On what became the final hand, Dyck was holding A-8 and his opponent had K-J. The flop brought A-A-3, giving Dyck a tremendous lead in the hand.

"I was ecstatic the turn was a nine, and I knew he was drawing dead," Dyck said. "I couldn't believe I won."

The EPT event will be his first major live tournament. Dyck said he had planned to play in the 2008 World Series of Poker, but he didn't expect to be playing in "this caliber of a tournament so soon."

"It would be amazing if I get to play with Daniel Negreanu," Dyck said. "I want to try and bust him; that would be a great story to tell my friends."

A dream experience like that can only come from one place - Dyck said he visits about three or four times a day to look at the new bonuses for the poker rooms or to check out the updates on major tournaments in the Live Tournament Section.

"I think PokerListings is great," he said. "It has everything I could want to know from tournament updates to strategy - everything I could possibly want from a poker site. That's why I'm there all day."

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