Canadian wins North American Poker Championship, American wins Canadian Open

Both the World Poker Tour (WPT) Season 5 North American Poker Championship and the first-ever Canadian Open wrapped up this week in Niagara Falls crowning both an American and a Canadian as champions.

On Sunday, the final table of the North American Poker Championship battled it out with Canadian Soren Turkewitsch coming out on top to win $1,352,224.

After four days of play, the WPT event was whittled down from 497 poker players to the final table of six players. Joining Turkewitsch were Jason Sagle, John Lam, Jim Worth, Marc Karam and John Juanda, the lone American at the table.

The final table results are as follows:

1stSoren Turkewitsch$1,352,224
2nd Jason Sagle $676,107
3rd John Lam $352,541
4th Jim Worth $289,760
5th John Juanda $217,320
6th Marc Karam $169,027

The day after the NAPC ended, the Canadian Open played out its final table as well for the WPT Season 5 cameras. Both tournaments were played on Canadian turf, but the Canadian Open champion title went to American Scott Clements.

Clements went into the final table with a tremendous chip lead and never gave it up. He walked away with $250,027 after outlasting 298 players and a final table composed of Steven Buttery, Tony O'Hagan, Terris Preston, Vince Sessa, and Gia Trinh.

The final table results are as follows:

1stScott Clements$250,027
2nd Tony O'Hagan $115,285
3rd Vince Sessa $61,245
4th Terris Preston $43,232
5th Steven Buttery $32,424
6th Gia Trinh $25,219

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