Canadian shines in Sunday Million

Big stacks are good

PokerStars found a new Sunday Million winner this week as kared69 took down the event on Sunday to win $200,558.40.

This time around the PokerStars Sunday Million drew more than 7,000 players, with kared69 topping them all. It wasn't the only big draw for Sunday, though.

Players from all over the world hit the virtual felt for the Sunday Warm-Up, the Sunday Hundred Grand, the Sunday Second Chance and more.

The Sunday Million offers up the biggest prize on Sundays. This week the final table had a big North American showing, though a few European players made the mix as well.

The Sunday Million final-table results were:

Place Name Country Prize
1st kared69 Canada $200,558.40
2nd etushekki Finland $100,990.40
3rd bestbuy82 United States $71,120
4th Stefano/Zio Italy $56,896
5th KILLER ACE France $42,672
6th draqq United States $31,292.80
7th traction1 United States $22,047.20
8th Genius005ca Canada $12,801.60
9th perezj234 United States $8,392.16

Players also got ready for the Sunday Million with big money in the Sunday Warm-Up. The final two players split the remaining prize pool at the end of the event, but that still left each of them with more than $80,000.

The Sunday Warm-Up final-table results were:

Based on finishing order and two-way deal

Place Name Country Prize
1st rubenrtv Netherlands $87,063.20
2nd Sooners United States $83,500
3rd Boateng Norway $41,398.20
4th dimmmmi1 Netherlands $32,700
5th twosips United Kingdom $25,636.80
6th Sircall Sweden $18,966
7th Big_Col11 United Kingdom $13,734
8th mackerel t United States $8,632.80
9th XLR8 United States $5,101.20

The Sunday Second Chance also put some serious cash on the line. S_System from the United States ended up with the top prize in that tournament, pocketing $49,104.90. The final-table results were:

Place Name Country Prize
1st S_System United States $49,104.90
2nd ViP_MoDee Canada $36,374
3rd jdawg217 United States $27,980
4th Pitbull24 United States $20,985
5th patriotsjh United States $14,689.50
6th QuasiFiction United States $11,891.50
7th MrSmokey1 United States $9,093.50
8th WiscoMurray United States $6,295.50
9th Livin on Luk United States $3,917.20


That leaves us with three more events on Sunday that satisfied players' poker appetites. The Sunday $5,200 Freezeout saw Sauce123 take home $75,000, while the Sunday Hundred Grand and the $215+R No-Limit Hold'em Event shelled out tens of thousands of dollars to winners as well.

The Sunday Hundred Grand final-table results were:

Place Name Country Prize
1st Mongreljade United Kingdom $20,527.30
2nd ecarvajal25 United States $10,286.16
3rd Michau2-7off Germany $7,112.53
4th Rohman Sweden $5,086.81
5th royalcrown66 United States $3,061.09
6th grindnitout United States $2,048.23
7th mempamal France $1,643.09
8th BIGLUCK74 Netherlands $1,237.95
9th julesdAA Canada $1,012.87

The $215+R final-table results were:

Place Name Country Prize
1st loluno123 United States $52,316
2nd rdcrsn Canada $35,907.80
3rd LUHMAN United States $24,493.40
4th dermie5nd United States $19,024
5th lock United States $14,268
6th Boykee Canada $11,176.60
7th gardsguten Norway $8,560.80
8th EndlessJ United States $6,182.80
9th Ditri Canada $3,804.80

For more information about these events or to get in on the fun yourself, visit PokerStars.

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