Canadian province supports charitable gaming

A new grant program in Saskatchewan will match 25% of the money that organizations and groups raise through gaming. The grant applies to all licensed charitable gaming events such as bingo, raffles, and break open ticket sales held after April 1, 2006. In addition, beginning July 1, 2006, Texas Hold'em tournaments and mock casino fundraising events are also eligible.

Grants will be paid quarterly with the first checks expected to be issued in December 2006. More than 2,000 provincial groups and organizations are expected to receive a total of $7.6 million annually through the new program.

"These groups and organizations provide important services to their communities and this province," said Deb Higgins, Minister responsible for Liquor and Gaming Authority (SLGA). "Giving a grant based on the hard work they're already doing will help provide additional funds for their many worthy projects."

In September 2004, SLGA initiated a Charitable Gaming Review that included consultations with the province's 2,600 charitable gaming stakeholders regarding ways to strengthen the charitable gaming industry in Saskatchewan.

"The underlying theme of the consultations was that government has to step in to aid charitable gaming in Saskatchewan," Higgins said. "Giving grants directly to the people holding the charitable gaming activities, and also licensing new forms of charitable gaming, will help stabilize this very important industry."

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