Canadian bursts UltimateBet Bad Beat Jackpot

Gotta Get that Paper, Dog

It only took 19-year-old QUANTOM47 nine days after joining UltimateBet to become a six-figure winner, and it was actually a bad beat that got him there.

UltimateBet announced on Tuesday its Bad Bead Jackpot was finally awarded when QUANTOM47 saw his quad queens cracked by RUSTY_1's royal flush. The newbie to the site may have lost a big hand, but he pulled in $173,693.20 anyway because it happened at a Bad Beat Jackpot table.

At UltimateBet, the Bad Beat Jackpot tables work just like traditional Texas Hold'em poker tables. The one difference is that in addition to the rake, 50¢ is collected from qualifying poker hands and placed into a constantly growing pot until someone hits the jackpot.

In this case, the jackpot is won by a player who suffers a bad beat rather than by whoever actually wins the hand. To qualify as Bad Beat Jackpot-worthy, a busted hand has to be quad eights or better.

When a player suffers a qualifying bad beat, 65% of the Bad Beat Jackpot is dished out among the losing player, the winning player and the players at their table plus all players seated at a Bad Beat Jackpot table featured in the same limit and game time as the one at which the bad beat occurred.

UltimateBet reserves 25% of the Bad Beat Jackpot to start the new jackpot, and 10% goes to administration fees.

In this case, QUANTOM47, from Alliston, Ontario, Canada, won $173,693.20, with RUSTY_1 getting an $86,796.20 piece as well. Another $86,796.60 was distributed between players at the table and other players at Bad Beat Jackpot tables of the same game type and stakes.

The UltimateBet Bad Beat Jackpot has been reaching near record-breaking levels faster than ever since November. This is in part because the online poker site's player base has expanded significantly since it moved to the CEREUS network.

Since the move, UltimateBet said it has been able to provide players with bigger promotions, enhanced features and tighter security. Plus the number of players seated at Bad Beat Jackpot tables has grown dramatically.

If you'd like to take advantage of what UltimateBet has to offer, check out its room review and get signed up today.


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