Canada vs. Netherlands at World Poker Crown

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The World Poker Crown final table is set and it has a definite Canadian/Dutch feel to it, with seven of the final 10 hailing from the two countries.

Over 2,200 players entered to play in the inaugural WPC, which guarantees $3 million. It marks one of the first tournaments where action is held online right up until the final table.

The 10 finalists will be heading to the prestigious Peralada Castle in Spain on May 8 to complete the epic event. The winner will take home a massive $1 million cash prize for first place but every player will receive at least $22,500 (the 10th-place payout).

Of the final-table contestants, Jack Hinchey, Michael Lawson, Mark Castonguay and Michael Leah all hail from Canada, while Bart Wetsteijn, Arjan van Bavel and Gijsbert van Doesburg call the Netherlands home.


The remaining three players come from around the globe. Piotr Skiba comes from Poland while Pini Roberto is Italian and Mark Rossler is a German resident.

The entire final table will be broadcast on a live webcast at Pacific Poker Upgrades Software

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