Camp Hellmuth lecturer to give seminar at Caesar's Palace

Joe Navarro, a retired FBI agent who lectured at Camp Hellmuth, will be giving a seminar on nonverbal behavior and poker tells at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas Nov. 19. The eight-hour seminar will be dedicated to learning the most advanced and proven methods for observing and decoding poker tells.

"Decoding Poker Tells" is limited to 100 attendees in order for Navarro to provide personal attention for each student. Along with the seminar, attendees will receive Navarro's new book co-written by Phil Hellmuth.

The seminar is expected to be intense and fast moving since it is designed along the lines of how federal agents are trained in reading nonverbal behavior. Not only will attendees learn about the different tells and how to decode them, they themselves will be evaluated for tells they are giving away.

Topics discussed during the seminar will include:

  • How to effectively pick up tells in a tournament environment
  • Exercises to enhance observation and decoding skills
  • Controlling your emotions and reactions at the table
  • How to conceal tells effectively
  • Identifying the most reliable tells
  • Examination of common and uncommon tells
  • Using eye gave behavior effectively at the table
  • Understanding the psychology of nonverbal behavior

The seminar costs $999 per person and also includes opportunities for students to get involved and develop their observation skills in live situations.

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