California city adds tables to casino, leaves bets unlimited

The Manteco City Council in California voted this week to not set bet limits at poker tables in the city and to allow the city's only card room to add two more poker tables.

In 2006, the California state government passed new legislation turning over betting limits to local governments and eliminating the state's limits. Because of this, many communities are having to figure out what, if any, limits they want on betting.

Manteco took up the issue after receiving a letter from the California Division of Gambling control asking the city about its betting limits.

According to the letter, jurisdictions are required to state a limit or that none exists. If Manteco didn't officially clarify its ordinances, the Casino Real's gambling license could have been threatened.

The city council chose to keep the betting limit unlimited, and during their meeting Tuesday, also chose to allow the Casino Real, which has been operating in Manteco for 25 years, to add two more card tables.

While the casino only has one table that is designated as no-limit, that table draws in businessmen and other wealthier patrons who would otherwise take their business to other area casinos without limits.

Many other cities in California are also taking advantage of being able to set their own limits and try to draw more money into their jurisdictions. Sacramento also recently raised its bet limits from $49 per hand to $1,000 per hand.

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