California casino to add automated poker tables

Hollywood Park Casino, one of the three largest card clubs in California, has reached an agreement with PokerTek to install six PokerPro tables. The tables are fully automated using video screens and a random numbers generator, eliminating the need for a dealer and speeding up play.

"The impact that this technology will have on our industry is enormous. In addition to being more efficient, PokerPro allows us the ability to attract a new segment of poker players to our casino," said Leo Chu, president and owner of the Hollywood Park Casino.

PokerPro is designed to feed players' appetites for Texas Hold'em while providing casinos with an option that doesn't involve outfitting card rooms, training dealers, and providing a game that isn't fast enough to compete with the profits they get from slot machines.

With the initial agreement, PokerTek will install six tables under a 90-day trial period with Hollywood Park having the ability to install more tables at its discretion. The trial period will be automatically followed by twelve month renewals unless terminated by either party in accordance with the terms of the agreement.

"We're excited about this initial installation and look forward to a long and mutually rewarding relationship," said Lou White, CEO of PokerTek. "Hollywood Park Casino's savvy management team and our technology will be a revolutionary union to introduce PokerPro into the California card club market."

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