bwin Poker sending players to PokerIsland


Imagine yourself in a tropical paradise, living in the lap of luxury in villa for an entire summer. The catch - you'll have to play poker to get there, and you'll have to be a winning player in order not to get booted from paradise before the summer is over.

That's the opportunity that PokerIsland where they will play against each other live to determine who makes the team and who gets sent back home.

Players can qualify to be sent to PokerIsland online at bwin Poker. Players will first have to qualify for a weekly final which will then send a winner to the island. The mode of qualifying for the online final changes each week.


This week, the qualification requires a flush on the flop, straight on the river. You must flop a flush, and then have your opponent make a straight on the river in order to qualify for the weekly final.

The hand must take place in a Texas Hold'em ring game for real money and use both hole cards. Your hand must be part of the showdown and win, and at least three players are required in each hand and win.

The weekly finals will take place each Sunday at 8 p.m. CET. The winning player will receive an all-expenses-paid trip to PokerIsland to stay in the villa with four other qualifiers.

Those qualifiers will then compete in a weekly tournament to see who stays and who goes. Two people will be evicted and replaced with two more qualifiers from bwin Poker. The winners each week will move on to the PokerIsland final, where they'll have a shot at winning a spot on the bwin Poker team.

That equates to a year of being a bwin Poker sponsored pro and getting to represent the poker site at some of the world's biggest poker events.

For more information and your chance to make the team, visit bwin Poker.

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