Bucket-List Quest Brings Harrisons from UK to WSOP Colossus

Brant Harrison

Brant Harrison, 62, knocked a few things off his bucket list today.

“I had eight things to do,” Brant said.

“First of all, play in the World Series. Second one was not to get knocked out first, which I managed.

“Third was to win a hand. The fourth one was to knock someone out.

"I kind of managed it because I took most of his chips and the next hand someone else knocked him out, so three-and-a-half there.

“Fifth one was to bag up at the end of the day. Six, reach the money. Seven, make the final table and last, win a tournament. That was the eight.”

Harrison, who suffers from emphysema and COPD, has been traveling around the world with his wife, Linda, fulfilling their dreams while they can.

“He will gradually progress and get worse,” Linda said. “So obviously the more bucket list things we could do now, the better it would be.

“I think we’re almost there.”

Poker and Elephants

While playing in the World Series of Poker was on the top of Brant’s bucket list, elephants were on the top of Linda’s.

Harrisons 2015Colossus3
Brant and Linda Harrison

“I just like elephants and my bucket list was to go and help the elephants in Thailand,” Linda said.

“So we went about two to three years ago and he came with me because obviously I didn’t want to go alone.

“We looked after the elephants for a couple of weeks and fed them and bathed them and scrubbed them.

"That was my bucket list; this is his.”

But Brant didn’t just buy his way to Las Vegas. He played his way here.

After closing down their cleaning company and retiring due to health reasons, Brant started playing poker in 2010.

Brant played online and live throughout the UK, improving his game through experience, books and televised poker.

The Vegas 100

One place Brant played in was a pub poker league called Redtooth Poker.

The Vegas 100

For the past few years Redtooth Poker has been running the Vegas 100.

The league, which sees more than 100,000 participants a year, sends its top 100 players to Las Vegas to compete in a freeroll at the Orleans Casino. 

Vegas 2

This year, Brant made the cut.

The Harrisons and the rest of the qualifiers chartered a flight down to Vegas and have been playing poker in the Orleans since Thursday.

Brant couldn't pass up the opportunity to play the largest poker tournament in the world, though.

The Harrisons saved up some money and Brant entered the first flight of the Colossus.

Brant got to knock a WSOP tournament off his bucket list, but did it live up to his expectations?

“No,” Brant said. “It’s been more. Much more and then some.

“The best experience of my life really.”

The Harrisons: "We'll be back."

Harrison has since been eliminated from the Colossus but he says this won’t be the last we’ll see of him. He still has four more things he wants to do at the WSOP.

“We’ll be back, definitely,” Brant said.

“It’s our first time but it won’t be our last,” Linda added.

For now, though, the Harrisons are going relax and enjoy Las Vegas.

“We’re just gonna see Fremont Street and then obviously do the Strip because we haven’t done anything there yet,” Linda said. “Other than that it’s just chill by the pool in our hotel and relax.

“That’s the end of it.”

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