Bruce 'Elvis Senior' Atkinson

Bruce Atkinson
Bruce Atkinson in the 2005 WSOP, Event 42, Day 1A, $10,000 World Championship Event - Jul 7 tournament.

As the Seniors Event final table was set to commence, a full on Elvis impersonator gave us all a taste of rock n' roll as he did a little jig. The Elvis impersonator/businessman/poker player was Bruce Atkinson, a pro who has been playing for 25 years (he refers to himself as a semi-professional) and a true character in the poker world.

Why did you start playing poker?

I started to play Seven-Card Stud Hi-Lo in home games back in England in the 1970's. In the 1980's people from all over the world started to go to Vegas to play poker, so I did too.

Bruce Atkinson as Elvis

Do you play online poker?

Yes, I play at Ladbrokes.

What is your favorite poker variety?

I think No-Limit Hold'em is my favourite, but I started out with Seven-Card Stud, and I still like that game very much.

How many WSOP tournaments have you played in this year?

I have played in five tournaments and cashed in three of them.

Do you have any advice for beginners?

You have to remember that if one person is winning then another is losing. There are so many good players out there, so you have to be really good to win big in poker. Then there's the rake too, of course. It's not easy to start out winning. I also think that every player should read Doyle Brunsons 'Super System.' No book beats that one for poker strategy. You don't have to play 10-2 like Doyle does though, but if you play by that book it's a good start.

Do you think online players that come to play in the big tournaments have a different style of play?

Yes, many online players are just blasting away at you, and that's why some of them have gone very far in big tournaments, but it is also the reason why some of them lose their stacks quite fast. I'm a solid player, a survivor. You can't play like them if you want to survive with a smaller stack.

What will you do once the WSOP is over?

I am going straight to France for the $10,000 European Poker Players Hall of Fame Classic. It starts at the Aviation Club de Paris on July 23rd. Bruno Fitoussi won the first one and Dave 'The Devilfish' Ulliot won the second one. This is the third one.

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