Brian Hastings stings Gus Hansen for $350k

Gus Hansen
Everyone wants to swim with the big fish.

Once upon a time there was a talented young online poker player with almost limitless potential.

His name was Brian "stinger" Hastings, and in 2007 he was one of the most highly touted poker players on the Internet.

His story was the stuff of poker nerds' dreams. He ran a $50 deposit into more than $1 million and consistently crushed the game at its highest stakes.

Hastings became an instructor at and a sponsored Full Tilt red pro with his name reserved.

That's when the troubles began.

Hastings was rumored to be down close to half a million dollars in 2008 after losing at some of the highest stakes imaginable, and just last week he tilted off close to $400,000 to Gus Hansen.

Earlier today Hastings got his revenge.


Showing some of the skill that won him so much money in 2007, Hastings took on Hansen at the $500/$1,000 and absolutely pwned him for over $300,000.

Hastings won an astounding seven out of the top 10 biggest pots recorded by MarketPulse today, many of them totaling over $100,000.

The Great Dane's saving grace was that he won the biggest hand of the session by hitting a king-high flush with a $325,206 pot on the line.

Despite Hansen's big pot, he still finished the session down. Suffice it to say that Hastings is well on his way to erasing the $1 million worth of losses he's accumulated in 2009.

In other high-stakes news the durrrr Challenge was MIA for yet another day, although durrrr was rumored to be up close to $1 million in the other games yesterday. Phil Ivey also had a good session while trex313 and Ziigmund sustained some relatively minor losses.

The MarketPulse section has your back for all the latest high-stakes poker news; you can also download the Full Tilt client if you want to rail the action for yourself.

Check below for a look at some of the biggest pots in the Brian Hastings-Gus Hansen brouhaha.

Hansen winning the battle but losing the war

One of the many Brian Hastings wins

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